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For clarification or additional information.
We need to know exactly how the company name should appear on the website.
What is the main phone number you want to appear in focal points on the website?
We will send website form submissions from customer leads to this email address. It should be an email address that is checked frequently.
We use your existing website(s) for content, photos, logos, color schemes, etc. Tell us what you want us to use from the website.
Visitors need to quickly tell where you are located. We can either display a full or partial address. Coverage area: What cities do you serve? How far do you target?
Colors you prefer on your website, colors that match your logo. If no preference, we can choose for you.
Websites you like? What are your favorite designs in any industry? Sites with similar content? Industry related websites?
We list the top services of your industry in the focal points on your website.
This information may be used on your homepage, or elsewhere on your website. Tell us what your business does and what your specialties are. What services make you the most money? What uncommon services do you offer? Do you have a physical location or are you mobile? What products do you use to provide your services? What are your specialties? What sets you apart from the competition? Do you offer any guarantees or warranties?
We use slogans where they are appropriate.
We display your hours next to your phone number, on the contact us page, or where they make sense. If 24 hours, that’s a good point to focus on as well.
We use this information to tell customers about your years of experience.
Having specials are important to make your phone ring. They encourage visitors to contact you to receive these special discounts. Free estimates? Military discount? Senior discount? $ or % off specials? First time customer discount? Free gift with service?
This helps build credibility for visitors. We may use logos as well.
How do customers pay you? We may place an image to match your instructions.
Any additional instructions you have for your website.