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WordPress is a highly well-developed and efficient platform. Over the years, it has allowed several professionals, business owners, and bloggers develop their own online presence through a well-functioning and efficient website. However, this platform isn’t infallible and can sometimes develop problems. At Platinum Web Marketing, we help you keep your website functional and efficient at all times and offer prompt WordPress website repairs and updates in Las Vegas.

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Common errors and problems

WordPress doesn’t develop problems often if it’s maintained and upgraded frequently. Most issues are addressed and resolved by software patches and bug fixes so a simple upgrade is often all that you need. However, sometimes the problems go deeper and need better solutions. Our experienced technicians can handle all kinds of errors and malfunctions, including the ones mentioned below:

  • Backup – Before we even attempt to diagnose the problem or fix it, we make sure your website and all of its data is completely backed up. This ensures that there’s no data loss if your website crashes during the repairs.

  • Slow speed – This is one of the most common problems with WordPress websites, especially those websites that aren’t upgraded and maintained regularly. We’ll examine the structure, clear all unwanted data, organize the database and website, and make sure it’s completely up to data in order to improve the overall performance of the website.

  • Malware or virus – This isn’t as common as most people assume; if you have an up-to-date security system in place, you won’t experience problems with malware often. However if an when this happens it’s important to address the problem quickly. We’ll find the corrupted file and clean your website promptly. After that, we’ll improve the security to ensure the website isn’t as prone to attacks as it was before.

  • Internal server error – This is a common but confusing error and most website owners don’t know how to respond to it. This is an indication that something is wrong with your website but the server is unable to identify it. We check the website and examine factors like core website files, .htaaccess, PHP memory limit, etc, to determine what has caused the error. The fault may lie with the hosting service as well.

  • Error establishing database connection – The website database is where all the information about the website is stored. If the front end can’t establish connection to the database, the user can’t access the information on the database, which renders the website ineffective. We will examine aspects like wp-config,php, wp-admin, or speak with the host to determine the cause and fix it.

  • White screen – This is similar to the blue screen of death where you switch on your computer and you only see a blue screen and no operating system. The white screen of death is essentially a white screen with no website. This can affect the entire website or just certain pages of it. We check the website thoroughly, increase the memory limit, use a simpler default theme, and disable all plug-ins to determine the cause of the problem and fix it.

  • Connection timed out – This happens when your website is overwhelming the server and trying to perform too many actions at the same time. This often happens to e-commerce websites when there’s a sudden surge in sales and traffic. The temporary fix to the problem is similar to the one mentioned above. We use a simpler default theme to decrease site load, disable plug-ins, and improve the memory limit.

These are just some of the many errors and faults we handle as a part of our services for WordPress website repair in Las Vegas. We’ll run a full diagnostic and ensure your website is in good condition before we leave.

How do we handle problems?

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Emergency response

We understand that even a short downtime and cut into your earnings and profits considerably, which is why we offer emergency responses to all website problems. This ensures your website is up and running in no time.


 Our technicians go through the website structure and coding carefully to determine the root cause of the problem. They’re skilled at identifying different issues quickly so they won’t take too much time to perform the diagnostics and repairs.


Once they understand the problem, they’ll devise a solution that will eliminate the issue and improve the overall performance of the website. Our technicians usually perform a full service after the repairs are complete to ensure your website doesn’t develop problems quickly after the repairs are done.