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How to improve your website’s traffic organically?

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How to improve your website’s traffic organically?

Organic traffic means the number of visitors visiting your website from unpaid search results. There are many paid ways the companies employ to boost traffic to their websites. The traffic from paid search results can die down as soon as the campaign is stopped or paused.

However, organic traffic lasts longer and showcases the website’s authority as it is achieved by ranking higher on organic search engine results. Higher rankings in search engine is achieved through Search Engine Optimization.

It is a collection of processes that collectively push a website’s rank higher in SERPs for its targeted keywords.

Boosting website traffic organically isn’t an overnight process, but it offers maximum ROI in the long term. Let us briefly look at some of the ways to boost organic traffic.

Have a Blog

Adding a blog section to your website is crucial as it helps you publish optimized and valuable content regularly. Always publish long-form content without cutting corners, helping your target audience get the answers and solutions they seek. Having a blog also establishes you as an authority in your niche.

Moreover, studies have shown that websites with blogs have 97 percent more links to their website, have 55 percent chances of attracting more traffic, and are 13 times more likely to achieve higher ROI.

Long-Tail Keywords

It’s important to focus beyond the primary and saturated keywords to drive more organic traffic to your website. And here is where the importance of long tail keywords comes in.

Doing extensive keyword research is important while creating a solid SEO strategy. Make sure to focus on long-tail keywords and optimize your website content using it without overdoing it.

Make sure you use catchy headlines using long-tail keywords. The long tail keywords work because they have low difficulty and are known to attract a targeted audience.

Utilize The Power of On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is critical to achieving higher rankings in search engine results. The web pages should be optimized for the search engines to drive traffic and increase the SERPs.

There are standard processes for achieving that, including optimizing images, optimizing Meta descriptions, optimizing title tags, schema markup, optimizing sitemap, having a clear site structure, robot.txt, and more.

It is also important to ensure your website has a fast loading speed, or it might lead to a higher bounce rate.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the popular and effective tried and tested marketing techniques. It is a way to gather a large audience, develop a relationship with your target audience, and improve your conversion rate in the long term.

Email marketing also helps you inform your target audience about new product launches, services, promotions, updates, etc. If properly implemented, email marketing has the power to drive a substantial amount of organic traffic to your website.

Improve Social Media Engagement

Social media marketing is a great way to reach a broader audience and return them to your website. Sharing valuable content in the form of blogs, videos, posts, images, infographics, and more can help you establish yourself as a trusted source for information in your niche.

Connect with your audience on social media and address their concerns, offer solutions, and guide them in the right direction through your knowledge and experience. It will help you establish as an authority in your niche and, in due course, trickle considerable organic traffic to your website.

Build a Responsive Website

It is no secret that more people browse the internet today on mobile phones and tablets than on desktops. If your website is responsive and mobile-friendly, the visitors to your website will be able to navigate through your website easily.

Having to pinch and zoom often can make it difficult for visitors to navigate through the website. With so many options available, it is more than likely for them to visit your competitors having a responsive website.

Get Backlinks

One of the most effective ways in SEO to achieve higher organic traffic is to get high-authority sites to link back to your website. The important thing to remember here is to focus on the quality rather than the quantity of backlinks directing to your website.

Good quality backlinks improve the domain authority and tell search engines about the authority and relevance of your website, placing you higher on the search engine results.

You can achieve more links to your website by guest blogging on other websites, creating original and valuable long-form blogs, publishing content regularly, and finding and offering to replace broken links on other websites.

Final Thoughts

Driving organic traffic to your website isn’t an overnight job and needs patience and dedication. Following the above mentioned techniques and leveraging other SEO techniques can help you drive organic traffic to your website slowly but surely.

It’s important to remember that achieving higher search engine rankings and driving organic traffic is time-consuming. However, it is a worthwhile effort as it can only turn around the future of your business but can establish you as a brand to reckon with in your industry.

So, keep adapting and implementing new techniques along with the standard techniques mentioned above, and soon, you’ll find your site well-placed in SERPS, assuring you of higher organic traffic.