Tips to Remember when Designing Your Portfolio Website

Having a great business website can be the difference between online success and complete failure. It is really important that you take as much time as needed to be sure that your site is appropriate. Setting up a domain and a hosting package are the easy steps that anyone can take. Coming up with a suitable design concept and implementing proper coding are entire different things.


Make sure that the following elements are included in your business site since they are really important.


Logical Sitemap


Absolutely all specialized website design companies highlight the fact that a site that is aesthetically pleasing is worthless in the event it is not useful. Before the design work starts, it is important to draw a sitemap that would be respected and that would offer a suitable visitor experience. This also helps Google bots to crawl all pages that are present on a site.

Your navigation menu has to be well designed and present those pages that most people want to go to. A faulty menu would mean that people will have problems in accessing your content, which is not something you want to see happen.

Information About The Business


People visit a company’s website in order to learn new things about the company. It is very important for a restaurant to have a menu page and for a photographer to have a portfolio. At the same time, absolutely all business sites should have some sort of contact page that would highlight ways in which the company can be contacted.

Think about what you should add to your site based on the type of business that is presented. Also, never forget about contact information as that is seen as a clear sign of a lack of professionalism by potential customers.

Social Media Integration


Contrary to popular belief, small businesses and large businesses needsocial media integration on their official site. This is particularly important for smaller companies as it helps them to compete with the big players in the market. Make sure that you include the social media sites that your company has a presence on like LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.


A Mobile Version


Nowadays everyone knows that a site needs to have a responsive design but that does not necessarily mean that the site is mobile friendly. Tablets and smartphones are constantly growing in usage and in the future we will see even more users. It is very important that when someone tries to look for your business, the version he/she sees is appropriate. Only launch the site after the mobile version is tested.


A F.A.Q Section


There are always some questions that come up often. The customers should be offered answers to the most common ones so that time is gained. Based on the activity of the company, the questions may be connected to anything from return policy to guarantees.

A good business website in Las Vegas should never use music, auto play features, flash or extraneous media and information. It needs to be fast and to the point. The design has to be appropriate and captivating.

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