Different Kinds of Websites in Las Vegas


Your website can be whatever you want it to be. But what’s that?

No two businesses are the same. Different companies need different structures, functionalities, and designs. How do you know which format works for you?

At Platinum Web Marketing, we counsel clients to consider their goals first. Then we customize solutions designed to meet those goals. Below, we’ll walk through the different kinds of websites a Las Vegas company can choose from.


Flat Design: Why Simple is the New Complex

Flat is back! The Internet’s earliest webpages were pretty simple but also pretty ugly. As technology evolved, companies got fancier and fancier online. But now there’s a major trend back toward straightforward website design in Las Vegas.

There’s nothing ugly about today’s “flat design” sites, though! Instead, they’re crisp, clean, easy to understand, and aesthetically pleasing. Most flat design sites utilize basic web-building tools: HTML, CSS, and great graphic design. They also tend to have no more than 10 pages per site. It’s a popular option for small businesses.


E-Commerce: The Power of Revenue

E-Commerce is the mechanism by which your customers buy products or services through your website. It’s the virtual shopping cart for your online store. If you’ve ever bought a book on Amazon or ordered late-night pizza online, you’ve used e-commerce.

Like most things on the web, e-commerce can be simple or complex. Whatever your needs, we handle all the hard work for you at Platinum Web Marketing. The good news for small businesses is that we can custom-build a flat design website enhanced with e-commerce integration. That way, you get the best of both worlds.


Content Management Systems: The Power of SEO

Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal put the power of content in your hands. And content is what makes the web go ‘round! From blogging and image galleries to newsreels and event blurbs, a CMS makes it easy for you to beef up your presence online.

Of all the different kinds of websites in Las Vegas, CMS systems probably offer the best return for SEO. The good news is that Platinum Web Marketing can integrate CMS within any new or existing website (including flat design!).


WordPress: How to Have It All (Affordably)

We mentioned WordPress before, but it also deserves special consideration on its own. That’s because, for many companies, WordPress can work as a one-stop-shop for web design. At Platinum Web Marketing, we can actually create your entire website — including e-commerce and CMS solutions — within WordPress itself.

It’s a very affordable approach to Las Vegas web design that also makes maintenance utterly hassle-free. You’ll see SEO benefits too!


Ask Us About Different Kinds of Websites in Las Vegas

Building a successful website isn’t easy. If it were, everyone would have one. Fortunately, we’re experts at it. Let us handle all of your Internet needs, from marketing to development.

At Platinum Web Marketing, we’ll talk you through the different kinds of websites in Las Vegas and answer all your questions. Just call (702) 263-6787 to talk with an expert in web design for Las Vegas today.