Web Development in Las Vegas: Enduring Trends

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Here at Platinum Web Marketing and Design, we’re always looking to stay in touch with the latest trends in Las Vegas web design.

Of course, “trendy” isn’t necessarily an ideal end goal. After all, what’s trendy today might be gone tomorrow, and you don’t want to invest in website design that’ll feel outdated by this time next year.

There are, however, key trends that pass the “wisdom test,” and we’re applying them to our web development in Las Vegas. In fact, they’re really just new twists on the same themes that have guided our approach to excellence for more than fifteen years.

Still-Dominant Trends for Web Development in Las Vegas

Wondering whether your website’s headed in the right direction? Here are a few trends we’ve got our eyes on for web development in Las Vegas:

    • Flat Design — “Keep Calm and Flat Design” seems to be the calling card for web design in 2014. After a few years of fancier, flashier, effects-laden development, the pendulum has swung back in favor of cleaner, simpler “flat-design” sites. There’s nothing simplistic about a flat design, mind you. It can be as powerful and sophisticated as any other site. But it’s much more inviting, and your audience will appreciate that.
    • Visual Vegas — 2014 has taught us that visuals still matter for those of us in the field of Las Vegas web design. After all, this is Las Vegas, land of a million blinking lights. People expect a little pizzazz here, and while we always want to keep it classy, there’s nothing wrong with a strong visual flourish. Every web developer should also be a graphic designer in Las Vegas.
  • Content Still King — People are always trying to make headlines by proclaiming the “death of content,” but the truth is that content is still king on the web. From SEO and PPC to webpage copy and blogging, words (key and otherwise) still make the web go ‘round. And we can leverage them to put our clients at the top of the search engine results. But we are seeing evolution here: visual content is becoming increasingly important too. It isn’t replacing text, but simply complementing it. At Platinum, we’re bolstering our internal resources in order to provide the very best as a website graphic designer in Las Vegas.

Learn More About Web Development in Las Vegas 

If you need web development in Las Vegas — or if you’re looking to enhance your website with a graphic designer in Las Vegas — the expert design team at Platinum Web Marketing can help.

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