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We Stand Out From Other Web Design Companies in Las Vegas

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As a business owner, you know that having a website is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. A large percentage of people are now veering towards the internet every time they need a service, product or any information.

And this makes it important for you to have a strong presence online.

But having a website is more than just having a great theme and design or interesting content. It needs to make a statement and provide users functionality and a great experience while being easy to navigate and understand at the first instance.

While it’s true that every person that visits your site will have different expectations from it, there are certain ground rules you can follow when planning your website.

However, web design isn’t an easy task; it requires a certain amount of skill, technical knowledge, as well as knowledge of the psyche of online users, what’s trending and more.

This is where Platinum Web Marketing stands out from other web design companies in Las Vegas.

Web Design Companies – What Aspects to Consider?

There are a number of different aspects that our web designers take into account such as:

Create a Clutter-Free Homepage

Most people don’t read every single word on the websites they visit. Rather, they quickly scan through the pages and read the key phrases and points.

Keeping your homepage simplistic and clutter-free helps visitors quickly source the information they need and evaluate whether it suits their requirement.

If your homepage has excessive amounts of information, images, and other media content, it may act as a deterrent to users and they may just move to a site that quickly provides them the information they need.

The Visual Hierarchy Concept

We understand that your site needs to have clear content that will grab the customer’s attention within the first few seconds that they scan through your site.

This is why we focus on creating themes and a layout that acts like breadcrumbs and this establishes a very clear hierarchy for the viewers.

Once that’s in place, we apply spacing; the right fonts, contrast, size and color to accentuate the page which helps draw attention to it. We have found that creating strips of information and segmenting it right is one of the best ways to organize your site into digestible pieces of content.

In Addition to All these Things, we Also Focus On:

  • Creating a website that’s easy to read
  • Ensure there is sufficient contrast between the background and the text
  • Creating a site that looks professional and reflects your brand identity
  • Using a limited number of fonts
  • Making sure that the site is easy to navigate
  • Keeping the content above the fold

All the sites we create a mobile-friendly and easily accessible and readable via various mobile devices. If you want to hire a reliable web design company in Las Vegas, you’re at the right place. Just give us a call or contact us through our online form today and we’ll be happy to help.