Is Your Website Responsive?

If your scratching your head and wondering what responsive means in the context of a website read on. You may not be aware and are missing something. Your website could become an unseen stealth site when someone using a mobile device is looking on line for services and products your business offers. If they can’t see you they can’t buy from you. This condition is just like a U.S. Air Force B-2 stealth bomber that by design does not track on a radar.

What Responsive Means in the World of Website Design

Simply said, websites should be designed to be responsive and work across all types of devices people use to access the internet and websites. A responsive website responds to the viewpoint of the device being used, especially mobile devices. The mobile friendly website provides faster loading speed, easier navigation and readability as core elements. Here are a few other factors that have to be considered:

  • Images have to be reconfigured for different devices and connection speeds.
  • Navigation buttons and links have to be styled differently to be more touch friendly and have an easy to use click to call function.
  • Video and data tables have to re-size correctly to fit into the display of the device used.
  • Automatic fluid resizing of fonts at varying screen resolutions based on the device used.

This Looks Complex and Expensive

Looks like a lot to consider, a lot of work to do and probably very expensive. Right? Well let’s put it this way. In most cases it’s harder and more costly to convert your existing website. However, there is a cost effective solution. Exceptions that could exclude this alternative might be e-commerce sites with many products and images.

The Solution

Why not create a new mobile friendly website? The old website would redirect search queries from iPhones, iPads, Droids and tablets to the new mobile friendly website. The mobile friendly website would have a click to call feature so the person searching for your products and services could easily contact your business. The old website would continue to handle desktop and laptop devices while the new responsive, mobile friendly site will respond to mobile devices.

The Mobile Revolution

We see it every day and probably also do it ourselves. People searching on their phone while eating, at work, or sitting in front of the TV because they are looking and their intention is to call a business or store.

Here are some staggering statistics. 70% of people that search for a business will take action that very day. 58% of smart phone users search for local businesses every week and they are searching for all types of businesses restaurants, taxis to limos and internet marketing companies.

From an internet marketing perspective consider this. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can take weeks or months to generate a call or email inquiry from a searcher. With mobile search advertising call generation can happen much faster. Using Google’s paid advertising AdWords mobile ads have a lower cost than desk top advertising and have a higher call through ratio which helps new businesses build a client base much quicker.

Google Has Reacted To The Mobile Revolution. You Should Consider It For Your Business

A Few months ago Google released a blog post about changes to the Google search algorithm in recognition of the shift of visitor traffic from traditional desktops to mobile activity. They effectively indicated mobile sites which were not structured correctly would be penalized thereby reducing a mobile website’s ranking on Google’s search results.

For internet marketing companies managing Google AdWords campaigns for their clients Google has made some reporting changes. Google now segments paid search results by the source devices the visitor used to click on an ad. Google also offers mobile ad extensions that can include the telephone number of the advertiser and the number of calls can be tracked within an AdWords Pay-Per-Click campaign.

If you are considering a mobile friendly website now is the time to get on board. We can help at Platinum Web Marketing and Design. Las Vegas inquires can call us at our headquarters (702)263-6787 or email us today.